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German Commercial Bank

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German Commercial Bank
  • German Commercial Bank


Oulandes commercial air purifier, is a highly efficient professional business to improve the air pollution of the air purifier products, commercial large and complex air purification, purification and high efficiency, low maintenance costs.

Alondes brand was founded in 1968 in Germany, the company continued commitment to reform and innovation and sustainable development, through the pursuit of "quality-oriented, shared interests," the core values, and further develop the company's comprehensive competitive advantage, shaping and cultivating the company's core competitiveness, To ensure that its products in the future to maintain sustained and stable development. At present, the company started the brand global management strategy, began to set up experience centers, production and after-sales service institutions outside the country, in strict accordance with the European standard home appliances after-sales service for customers around the world to provide the best quality service for consumers around the world to create healthy and environmentally friendly air Purifier products.

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